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How should we teach kids about the dangers of sexting? (CBC) May I suggest that parents need to invest more time and energy in guiding our children. I am not suggesting ‘spanking’ as the best response, but rather that parents embrace greater resolve and personal education. Schools should not be … Continue reading

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Soc media trolling mirrors other abuse

Annoying! Harrassment or free speech? Protect people. Protect women. Protect fairness and justice.  Bullies and trolls don’t need freedom to hurt people – they need prosecution. Our Canadian Charter prescribes  the balance of freedom and duty but finding our balance … Continue reading

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Audio doc addresses rape crisis – The CBC Doc Project revisits the sexual assault crisis with Alison Menard’s courageous essay. I’ve been trying raise the profile of the numerous tragic social ills rippling from the avalanche of rape that just won’t go away.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Reading culture – clubs- still vital

It’s exciting to hear of ways our reading culture is buoyant. After reading Jacqueline Van Dyk’s blog ‘Open Book‘ , I reflect again on the state of reading. Social media initiatives like ActionableBooks, give book clubs even a wider diversity … Continue reading

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‘Personalized’ learning is a slippery corporate agenda. I recently read a blog post that underscored my past experiences in BC public schools. Although just retired, I still recognize the trendline. That the student-teacher-parent relationship in a classroom is being replaced by a broader technocracy, is a … Continue reading

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