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Super Tuesday mayhem… 

Just a few thought. USA Primaries Tuesday.  Striking how screwed up politics is. In the past, Trump has financially supported Democratic projects and candidates like amnesty. He even has deals with the mob. He won’t disclose his financials either. He … Continue reading

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Pink shirt and other more serious concerns… 

_____________ Bullying and the pink shirt campaign is a valid exercise but I’d be more inclined to support programs that support more serious issues like rape! We all so easily back anti bullying yet seem blind to far more troublesome … Continue reading

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Canada’s role in Middle East conflicts -dusty at best

As Canadians debate the ISIS strategy in Syria/Iraq, I’m reminded of the confusing days of Afghanistan. Countering the ugly methods of the Taliban appeared to be just at first blush. Our nation felt obligated or was pressured to support the … Continue reading

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Corporate Ed not smart learning

Hi tech digital learning panacea is a ruse.  It is apparent to me that the old aspiration of public efucation is under attack. Policies that have attacked the teachers ( anti/Union assault) have been huge failure. Big business saw a … Continue reading

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Suffragettes- just one narrative of a specific suffering

Like the mythology of the Suffragettes, any movement that attempts to resist oppressive power, average people must endure greed and meanness. Jews, blacks, women, the proletariat, all have suffered the oppression of the few greedy rulers. Humans use birthright, race, … Continue reading

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With all the talk of terrorism, immigrants and building ‘walls’ again to keep out the unwashed , we forget that the walls have already been built. Walls that keep our people inside are working like Third Reich. While enterprises have … Continue reading

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