How should we teach kids about the dangers of sexting? (CBC)

May I suggest that parents need to invest more time and energy in guiding our children. I am not suggesting ‘spanking’ as the best response, but rather that parents embrace greater resolve and personal education.

Schools should not be used as a solution for the vacuum of negligence. Education institutions can help and supplement but it is futile to assume duty should be transferred to the role of others. 


Let’s not handcuff our teachers with the complete responsibility for all of our children’s demanding needs. Like the need of the birds and bees chat, social media and computing must be part of the truly complex burden of accepting parenthood. 
This is why people think schools need to tackle all our ills. Sexting is clearly a patents duty. Public school was once a new effort for liberty. Helping, even the poor, to read and write. Despite progressive thinking by educators to adapt, no one could predict that child rearing or schooling would necessitate coping with the anarchy if mobile computing for children! If we expect schools to succeed with all our social change, we surely will fail. Schooling should not be social engineering regardless of what some well intentioned educators may say. Abandon our our entertainment distractions and spend more time with our kids! Please Thank you. 


“CBC Forum: How Should We Teach Kids about Dangers of Sexting? – British Columbia – CBC News.” CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, 29 Jan. 2016. Web. 29 Jan. 2016. 

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