‘Personalized’ learning is a slippery corporate agenda.


I recently read a blog post that underscored my past experiences in BC public schools. Although just retired, I still recognize the trendline. That the student-teacher-parent relationship in a classroom is being replaced by a broader technocracy, is a dangerous and backward  initiative. In BC, widespread reform was not needed. Despite decade of government initiated labour strife, the public education system was very competent , accountable and a good value for our citizens. 
Ms. Talmage blog post provides a strong analysis of the governments trend to mandate flawed or unproven pedagogy and student assessment. Call it what you wish, but education lobby groups, developed by corporate partnerships, are getting political access to policy while educators are often excluded completely. Marginalizing teachers( IMHO because  they are unionized ) from the rules of the ‘game’ almost assures their hands are tied to intimately engage with children. 

It’s a sell out off public education but worsely, policy like ‘proficiency based diplomas’ completely ignore what may be best for children

British Columbia has been implementing a #bcedplan that essentially mimics the messy and risky scenario in Maine and other states. Most of these plans are conceptualizer, influenced or outright managed by the Gates Foundation. Personalized  learning is not the feel good process parents are led to believe. 


Reading the BCedPlan document one finds all the jargon and misdirection of US education reformist. 

Projects like MyEdBC and the centralization of student management systems is a first step. Building a BCedPlan without stakeholders, especially teachers, is technically flawed and ethically a trust breaker. 

Marketed as allowing children to learn ‘at their pace’ is a smokescreen for computerization and corporatization of the education process. Dehumanizing learning serves no one but Big Ed! 


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