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Aboriginal identity and the arts- a cultural lens

With the recent alleged exposure of Joseph Boyden’s identity by the APTN , the whitewater ripple in Canada is growing. I’m no expert. I’m just a reader and retired librarian but the storm is as chilling as our cold winter.  … Continue reading

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Congrats Dayna/ Teacher/Librarian Year 2016

Congrats to my friend and colleague Dayna Hart of CNB middle school , SD23. for her BCTLA TeacherLibrarian Year Award! I’m so humbled to have worked with other Kelowna winners: Joan Eaton, Kay Treadgold, Sharon Bede and Misty Smith! 5 recipients … Continue reading

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My winter reading roster..

I’ve had another enjoyable winter reading adventure. Girls on trains, Old Testament, spider webs, dam busters, dogs, sea, sickroom, nuns, emancipation… As a teacher-librarian for 15 years, I read about 3 fiction and non-fiction titles per week-it was a job … Continue reading

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Reading culture – clubs- still vital

It’s exciting to hear of ways our reading culture is buoyant. After reading Jacqueline Van Dyk’s blog ‘Open Book‘ , I reflect again on the state of reading. Social media initiatives like ActionableBooks, give book clubs even a wider diversity … Continue reading

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Public libraries are many things- not a business  Public libraries are reflections of ourselves. A library’s health reflects our community health. The survey report from Seattle is an example of a library administration, with zealous marketing influence, are trying to grow by ‘sales’ not service. (Holiday) The … Continue reading

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“Ambition for libraries as a pillar of democracy.. inform his thinking- VanDyk I was so impressed by our esteemed librarian response to the current C-51 legislation. As usual Jacqueline Van Dyk’s outlines the themes and documentation so articulately.  Bravo Brian!  And Brian’s activism work has only stepped up in his retirement … Continue reading

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When a man is in despair…

“When a man is in despair, it means that he still believes in something.” — Dmitri Shostakovich (soviet composer and pianist) Depression is a complex human illness. Desperation is an interesting perspective of a man still believing and fighting for … Continue reading

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