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The CBC Doc Project revisits the sexual assault crisis with Alison Menard’s courageous essay. I’ve been trying raise the profile of the numerous tragic social ills rippling from the avalanche of rape that just won’t go away.  I don’t diminish the horror of Canada’s ‘missing and murdered aboriginal women’ but it just highlights to me a large part of the assault problem. 

People can read material and advocate for justice with this tragic story yet people kind seem to find the will to uncover the coast to coast daily suffering of sexually assaulted girls and women. Canada has many problems to fix but why is rape never raised up as a worthy issue in election campaigns or social policy? It isn’t hundreds of victims but thousands in every community. 
We can’t seem to embrace discourse and problem solving with the topic of rape. We dabble around the edges with issues like bullying or gender rights yet we cannot muster the courage to tackle causes and solutions. Rape scares us so we compartmentalize the problem as someone else’s issue somewhere other than our neighbourhoods and towns. 

They ran me through the woods, one on each side. It was mid-June 1985 and I was wearing my friend’s underwear, which she had hastily thrust at me after I came to and realized I was naked. I couldn’t find my own underwear as I lurched around the strange house, eyes swimming, brain confused, body – ? ( Menard)

Why we can’t seem to address teaching our boys about gender relations while willing to teach girls self-defense. We still confuse feminist rights when we still sexualize our little girls. We are confused by a hyper-sexualized culture that confuses personal freedoms. We now are validating gender identity yet refuse to protect the right of women for a safety! What bigger right do we have than health and safety. What is bigger for individual freedoms than not being assaulted and the lifelong torment and struggle the victim (and the assailant ) endures! 

We seem to be full of fear. We just don’t want to face the ugliness of rape yet we often even tolerate pornography, fighting  and weapons.  We rightfully have supported the refugee crisis but choose to not see the atrocity under our own noses. 

  Apologizing the issue away because it’s been a huge human tragically since pre-history.  Our measure as a civilization is diminished by not improving this huge wound. I don’t choose to use the term ‘rape culture’ because it’s more accurately our society collectively sins by embracing war/police while ignoring love and peace.  Please Study/talk/teach.  -Al Smith


Tuesday January 12, 2016

My middle aged heart hurts: Confronting a sexual assault 30 years later.


My middle aged heart hurts

Some memories are like shadows — thin and hard to pin down. They slip away when you focus on them, details are blurry. But then there are those memories that won’t leave you alone … no matter how much you want them to. Today one woman faces a dark memory, and shares her story after 30 years of silence.

Alison Menard says she was sexually assaulted at a party as a young teen. She kept quiet about the fear and pain of that night for three decades. That all changed last year when she reached out to Moncton-based producer Vanessa Blanch. Together they produced this documentary, My Middle Aged Heart Hurts….


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