Inside Bell’s Push To End Net Neutrality In Canada

“…Alan, we’ve just learned Bell Canada has made another radical attempt to censor your Internet, and begin the attack on Net Neutrality here in Canada.1

Bell’s latest scheme is to pressure the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) into creating a new agency to lead the charge on website blocking and censorship. This is an attack on our freedom, and will trample on the rights of Canadian Internet users.2

This isn’t Bell’s first pitch for censorship powers. They already tried this at the NAFTA negotiations, and now they’re taking it to the CRTC. If they fail there? They’ll take it to the government, and anyone else who will listen…”( OpenMedia)

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‘Their report cards are a lie’ – Kelowna News –

Private schools are under the same pressure as public schools to produce results any parent would like to see. The report cards are a typical crux because everyone wants performance to be high regardless of the child’s situation. Private schools have routinely been caught fudging because parents think tuition entitled them to high grades. It’s like investors who pay high fees and expect higher returns. Sometimes they cheat to make people happy. Ironically BC public school kids perform very well in international tests like PISA despite larger classes & large numbers of disabled kids. When ‘union’ tchrs try to raise issues with report cards they have been harassed by Fraser Institute etc… experience tells me BC parents pay extra money, despite being subsidized , because they think their kids are getting better Service but facts rarely indicate as much. 🙂

On Fri, Nov 24, 2017

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Why are corporations undermining public education? –

GL: I think part of what the of the agenda of the corporate elite for preventing political backlash is to ignite something like a revolution of falling expectations. So if I my daughter is in a class with 37 kids, which my daughter is, at least it’s not 45. Or they only have music and art nine weeks a year but at least they still have it nine weeks a year. I don’t have comprehensive health insurance—I only have catastrophic health insurance. But at least I have catastrophic health insurance and for now I’m ok. I don’t have any paid vacation but I have a job and I’ll have some time off between this job and my other job… The more we ratchet down our expectations of what we think we have a right to expect, the more we normalize downward mobility…(Salon)

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Another autumn fishing/camping trip

It may be my last trout fishing trip for 2017. It wasn’t epic catch but a fun and beautiful couple days at Clifford Lake, near Tulameen BC. 

Oddly, the trout were not hungry! The few fish we kept or stomach pumped were empty, save a few scuds. I had success anchored near shore and structure, fishing chironomid in 10’ water but others caught a few fish with dragon patterns and black ants. 

The day was sunny and warm but it was freezing at night. Thank goodness for a nice campfire to enjoy a nightcap. 

Back in civilization 😦

Ricky Lake campsite

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Fall flyfishing near Tulameen BC is classic fresh fun

A few beautiful fall days of flyfishing BC interior lakes. Naturally, I want to catch the big one but just camping in the autumn is a fresh bright and tranquil BC experience. 

The BC range cattle are moving down from the upper plateau grass and grazing through the forests. The trophy trout were tricky but periodically ravenous caught with micro leeches, boatman and even flashy green grasshopper patterns. 

Very bright and sunny weather until this morning cloud and drizzle at 3200 ft. a tiny frost this morning so the season is swinging. 

If I don’t get out on the water again until next April, I ended it well rowing around some lakes off Hwy5a near Tulameen. 

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After fires, Finally got back to trout lakes

It was nice to get a couple days camping and fishing in BC after wildfires in our area are calming. The weather was funky and the trout feeding was funky too. Too much wind, an algae bloom I think had me puzzled. 

Only one fella caught a big beauty on a gold chironomid- who would figure? 

Met a couple lovely young women camping and paddling. So great to see them getting outdoors. Enjoyed a fireside chat without the fire. 🙂 Today I was glad I could help with their dead car. 

Friends rainbow beauty. #BBQ

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BC Ed expectations too high.. 

All the BC media is predictably airing #bced stories today. The hype and unrealistic expectations being portrayed is folly given 15 years of not believing teachers voicing their concerns. It will take years to rebuild capacity! Educating children isn’t like fixing potholes. Recruiting is slow-it takes years to train worldclass teachers . Physical spaces , after years of closing schools takes time. Even a renovation project is slow. A generation of children and teachers were impacted by Lib government regime. It will take years to accommodate changes ordered by Supreme Court. Rebuilding capacity is like teaching reading- it is slow and take commitment by professionals, mgt and public.

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