Kicking off summer 2017

I planned to kickoff summer with another fishing trip. I got the camping part down and most of the fishing logistics( ya right) but I can’t control the weather.

I was camping near KenruckyAllyne Park and put the boat in nearby but the darn wind was near gale force. I tried several times in day/half but was confounded by winds so gusting my anchors wouldn’t hold nor my fisherman patience endure. I marked many fish in a dropoff at 40′, opting for an HD line and chironomids. I released one and it was full of the little pupae. A friend landed a 5lb silver rainbow but after a lost hat and double anchors being moved I figured the whitecaps were a sign to retreat. 

After several new attempts with the same result, I built a fire and retreated to the folding lawn chair and a book. ( Doc by Russel- an adaptation of Holliday/Earp western. I highly recommend Doc by Mary Doria Russell

We were comforted by a terrific venison/moose supper cooked by friend’s and enjoyed a night around the campfire. After a night falling asleep to the wind and worrying about trees deadfall) I had to return home early in the morning. The wind was already picking up so I wasn’t too distraught. Cheers to the start of summer. 

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Last days of spring fishing 

Just had a couple of days flyfishing at Kump Lake near Aspen Grove, BC. It is always nice to get out in the outdoors even if fishing is mixed. We had moments of active chironomid hatches broken by the mystery of rainbow trout feeding habits. 

It is smaller stocked lake with a large deep centre and a few shoals of dark water. There was very little signs of hatches but mystically fish would show themselves for size 16 brown, green and grey patterns- but, with little predictability. A dozen  2-3 lb and a couple 6lb were released but fishers had to watch for a very aggressive loon that  even attacked the nets. 

The water was extremely high with trees fallen but Kump is a nice rustic FSR site. It is a self serve wilderness site much like many in BC. No fire bans at this time….

We met an eccentric couple from the US who had much fisher knowledge to match their amusing behaviour. No offence  to my US friends. 😉

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Fishing Peter Hope in the sun…

Had a couple nights at Peter Hope Lake near Merrit BC. We had the first taste of Okanagan/Nicola summer- sunshine wa, heat, campers, and mosquitoes!! We did catch and release many nice rainbows mostly via indicator lines and one ‘special’ chironomid pattern ( or at least my fishing partner did 😉
I caught supper but honestly– lost 2 >5-7 lb rainbows from fisher error mostly but bad luck thrown in the challenge. Had one large bright trout at the boat before it wisely dove into my anchor and sustained a sore mouth and my fly! 🙂 ( don’t panic, they rust out quick and they live to fight another day) 

We scouted and fished the lake but two spots on the shoal in shallow found nice fish foraging in cycles. Wind was only testy on a few occasions. Calm water was intermittent attracting a few paddlers. 

This BC FS campground has no services but hosted and clean. It was nice to see large accessibility pit toilet and ramp available. No fire ban currently with damp ground and still water accounting for the mosquitoes. 

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Spring weather still hampering flyfishing but

Spring weather in BC has been erratic and is  still hampering flyfishing trips but not completely. Some good trout moments if you can brace the wind and rain- a crowds. 

Many people are heading outdoors despite thunderstorm warnings, flooding and blustery conditions. Today at Island Lake the campground was full of lower mainlanders but many had good time catching trout on chironomid hatches. Other lakes are turning over but if you find the right spot and setup some 4-7lb rainbows have been caught. 

Today, I almost gave up due to wind but anchored well in 20 ft water I had a flurry of strikes. A couple guys were releasing 20 fish while a neighbour had no luck-typical chironomid fishing when the hatch is spotty. Only one section seemed active today with 6 fishers hip to hip in a row did well. 

I’m a mess in the wind but today I found a few ways to adjust. It’s really about being thankful for what’s wonderful in front of you and not obsessing over the obstacles. 

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A windy sunny 2 days – flyfishing 

A couple days of BC flyfishing was mixed but always a fun time. We had the leftover madness of Canada’s May long weekend to sort out parking and campsites. A decent day of size 16 chironomids on the shoals was cut shorter by the evening with a massive ant cloud we couldn’t match. A few nice trout were released with micro leech in 30′ dark water.

On our second sunny day the beginning of a cold front with 40k wind hammered our row boats and cut day short. After knots, anchor rope hang ups and hooks in the hat, getting off the water was prudent. 

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Flyfishing trip -almost a wash out

A storm moving through Nicola region added more trouble to Merritt creek flooding and forced us to seek dryer ground but it didn’t wash out a couple days of trout fishing. 

Peter Hope and Blue lake were covered in fog and heavy rain. We waited out the snowfall at Blue but it wouldn’t stop so we’re drove south to Thalia Lake along the Aspen Grove highway. The weather was clear and even sunny, although windy at times. The FSR road was full full of huge puddles and a large mud flat but we got through with only a car wash tab. 

Chironomid hatch at Thalia was minuscule but a few nice fish were caught trolling micro patterns at 30-50 deep. A first time discovery found a few fish were eating some kind of tiny zooplankton not chironomid? 

Thalia Lake, BC

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