COVID-19, children, and schools: overlooked and at risk | The Medical Journal of Australia

COVID-19, children, and schools: overlooked and at risk | The Medical Journal of Australia
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It is widely thought that children are much less susceptible to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection than adults and do not play a substantial role in transmission. However, emerging research suggests this perception is unfounded. Seroprevalence and contact tracing studies show children are similarly vulnerable and transmit the virus to a meaningful degree. Research suggesting otherwise is hampered by substantial bias. Additionally, large clusters in school settings have been reported, with implications for the control of community transmission. Risk-reduction strategies must be implemented in schools as a matter of urgency.

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Maybe children are infectious ? Study…

76% asymptomatic were positive !!

The possibility of presymptomatic transmission increases the challenges of containment measures. Public health officials conducting contact tracing should strongly consider including a period before symptom onset to account for the possibility of presymptomatic transmission. The potential for presymptomatic transmission underscores the importance

of social distancing, including the avoidance of congregate settings, to reduce COVID-19 spread.

Seven Clusters of COVID-19 Cases

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Open letter regarding BC Recreation closures…

Open letter for my BC MLA, Cabinet and Premier

To Whom it May Concern,

I just have to voice my opinion. I understand these are difficult times. One year ago, we didn’t consider a pandemic would drive our government policies nor impact our daily lives so rapidly. Naive? Likely. We now try to pull together and adapt. Unlike working nurses, teachers, shut in elderly, etc I’m inconvenienced far less than most even if I can’t travel, visit my grand-daughter and visit my mother through a window. We need to help make each other safe. I certainly understand the scope of our time.

I admit I only know some health science but I know a good deal about outdoor recreation. The recent policy by BC to close lakes and trails seems neither. Almost every lake in BC is closed for recreation. Even many remote back country walk-in lakes are closed. I support distancing policies but this is overkill. I understand crowded piers and camping areas. I sympathize with the few COs & the RCMP trying to supervise this issue but it will be essentially impossible. Only the careful, compliant citizens will feel the hardship. I know some places people are drinking and over crowded camping but I see more people on benches, picnic tables and bike trails in one minute than I see at a lake in a week. I see walkers and cyclist all crowded together at intersections and trails. I drive alone. I fish alone. It’s more hazardous shopping for groceries than putting my boat in a remote fishing hole. Infection risk doesn’t seem to be the issue. I generally trust our public health authorities trying to tackle a beast to the ground; moreover, I understand the duress agencies are under now and I’m grateful for the safety governance in BC but this blanket ban on trails and lakes recreation seems more expedient than sensible analysis. Let’s all hope that policies are effective and we can soon enjoy our BC outdoors.

Lastly, as a side comment, not directly related to covid19. I’ve seen such a massive cut in BC rec sites support over the years -it’s negligence frankly. Many places have not been maintained for decades, going back to the old Forest Service Sites creation. Some outdoors clubs and groups have volunteered but the BC Government largely has ignored the recreational value and investment of our back country. Forest companies used to be responsible as part of policy but are no longer are obligated. I find the land management policy and practice from Victoria to be almost non-existent.

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Even if not the pure story, US agencies are buying masks like it was contraband! Hospital masks as the next cocaine! This is a wake up to the faults in our sovereignty. If governments and healthcare providers need to be criminals to acquire supplies, we clearly have a fucked up state of governance and public service! Huge fault lines have emerged regarding how we do basic commerce. The disaster capitalism ethos has been exposed.

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The boss who put everyone on 70K – BBC News

A tech boss introduced a $70,000 minimum salary for all his staff – by cutting his own wages. Five years, on he has no regrets.
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Before 1995 the poorest half of the population of the United States earned a greater share of national wealth than the richest 1%, he points out. But that year the tables turned – the top 1% earned more than the bottom 50%. And the gap is continuing to widen

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