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Current Libya Drive me crazy

I’m already so sick of all the think tanks, experts, and politicians rationalizing jets and bombs and death for Libyans because Gadafi is such a bad man! ” oh I hate to imagine the scene in Benghazzi if we didn’t … Continue reading

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Just a thought- maybe we need to be honest?

I tend to rant and rave and obsess over the news.  This is not always a healthy practice. Heck, it is an horrible practice but the alternative is the cause of so much global grief.  I’m speaking of ignorance via … Continue reading

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Libya- we have seen this movie before!

Libya- another war? Really! Ironic, I just listened to an author speak about the insanity of war in solving problems. Our self-interest is the problem. I’m no expert but…when will our elite figure out the reality that only 5% of … Continue reading

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