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‘Silence of the LABS’ -CBC Fifth Estate . Have it on your PVR.

‘Silence of the LABS’ -CBC Fifth Estate .  Have it on your PVR?  Massive deregulation isn’t cost saving. It is massive disregard for governance. If not supervision and R&D of infrastructure and institutional systems that civility requires then why have … Continue reading

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Rate My Hospital: Kelowna General Hospital – CBC News

http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/features/ratemyhospital/profiles/kelowna-general-hospital/ Type of hospital: Large Community Number of patients: 21,203 Average length of stay: 6.66 days C. difficile infections: 8.5 MRSA infections: 2.8 ER wait time: Not available Single-bed rooms: Unknown Care provided by registered nurses: Unknown Use of electronic … Continue reading

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