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Be happy Canada just not too proud!

Perhaps consider this for our Canada Day weekend? Patriotism or nationalism are not virtuous in of themselves. Our nation needs to fix many things. Most notably the sins of the father.  http://www.chiefs-of-ontario.org/node/920 2014  100 yrs before Canada birthday, the British … Continue reading

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Optimism in the face of a world gone mad. Thank you, M. Enright, CBC

http://www.cbc.ca/thesundayedition/mobile/touch/essays/2014/09/07/-what-is-it-about/ I rarely breach the literary custom of quoting writing in entirety it’s presumptuous, rude and often illegal. I relent here today because a journalist of iconic Canadian statute reflects on a personal life moment all of us should be … Continue reading

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‘Silence of the LABS’ -CBC Fifth Estate . Have it on your PVR.

‘Silence of the LABS’ -CBC Fifth Estate .  Have it on your PVR?  Massive deregulation isn’t cost saving. It is massive disregard for governance. If not supervision and R&D of infrastructure and institutional systems that civility requires then why have … Continue reading

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Rate My Hospital: Kelowna General Hospital – CBC News

http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/features/ratemyhospital/profiles/kelowna-general-hospital/ Type of hospital: Large Community Number of patients: 21,203 Average length of stay: 6.66 days C. difficile infections: 8.5 MRSA infections: 2.8 ER wait time: Not available Single-bed rooms: Unknown Care provided by registered nurses: Unknown Use of electronic … Continue reading

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Facebook, good or bad- we all need better habits

Check out Dan Misener( CBC Spark) article on Facebook’s latest customer crisis. He has great background and some terrific tips for everyone whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not. Dan has been a behind the mic brilliance for Nora … Continue reading

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“Who will speak for the librarians?” Q

“Who will speak for the librarians?” http://www.cbc.ca/q/add_category/2011/05/18/who-will-speak-for-the-librarian/ Jian Ghomeshi, Q, CBC Radio It is so bizarre to me that many Canadians fail to recognize the core of the issue. Governments are cutting the human services out of our society.  They … Continue reading

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