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Spring weather still hampering flyfishing but

Spring weather in BC has been erratic and is  still hampering flyfishing trips but not completely. Some good trout moments if you can brace the wind and rain- a crowds. 

Many people are heading outdoors despite thunderstorm warnings, flooding and blustery conditions. Today at Island Lake the campground was full of lower mainlanders but many had good time catching trout on chironomid hatches. Other lakes are turning over but if you find the right spot and setup some 4-7lb rainbows have been caught. 

Today, I almost gave up due to wind but anchored well in 20 ft water I had a flurry of strikes. A couple guys were releasing 20 fish while a neighbour had no luck-typical chironomid fishing when the hatch is spotty. Only one section seemed active today with 6 fishers hip to hip in a row did well. 

I’m a mess in the wind but today I found a few ways to adjust. It’s really about being thankful for what’s wonderful in front of you and not obsessing over the obstacles. 

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A windy sunny 2 days – flyfishing 

A couple days of BC flyfishing was mixed but always a fun time. We had the leftover madness of Canada’s May long weekend to sort out parking and campsites. A decent day of size 16 chironomids on the shoals was cut shorter by the evening with a massive ant cloud we couldn’t match. A few nice trout were released with micro leech in 30′ dark water.

On our second sunny day the beginning of a cold front with 40k wind hammered our row boats and cut day short. After knots, anchor rope hang ups and hooks in the hat, getting off the water was prudent. 

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Flyfishing trip -almost a wash out

A storm moving through Nicola region added more trouble to Merritt creek flooding and forced us to seek dryer ground but it didn’t wash out a couple days of trout fishing. 

Peter Hope and Blue lake were covered in fog and heavy rain. We waited out the snowfall at Blue but it wouldn’t stop so we’re drove south to Thalia Lake along the Aspen Grove highway. The weather was clear and even sunny, although windy at times. The FSR road was full full of huge puddles and a large mud flat but we got through with only a car wash tab. 

Chironomid hatch at Thalia was minuscule but a few nice fish were caught trolling micro patterns at 30-50 deep. A first time discovery found a few fish were eating some kind of tiny zooplankton not chironomid? 

Thalia Lake, BC

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Flyfishing day 1, 2017

A beautiful day in interior of BC today. Extra lovely because it was my first day on the water, trout fishing. 

Plenty of snow at elevation still but road was clear and ice was off about a week. Morning fish was plentiful but afternoon much slower. Chironomids and some micro leech patterns worked- better for my partner who released a dozen by noon. Fish were on shoal 15-25 ft. Plenty at 39-40 ft but no takes.  I did just fair but my chironomid technique is wanting :-). Kept one for supper. I needed sunscreen. 🙂 

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Trump has changed the norm- whether good or bad.. his ascendency is worrisome

Donald Trump’s Unintelligible Presidency

In an interview with the Associated Press this weekend, President Trump returned, again and again, to what might be called the mood music of his world, and his ability to call the tune.(newyorker)

Trump is a perfect icon for fascists moving the bar in America. His baffoon psycho behaviour helps the ruse of power shift. A strong Canada is now scrambling because of a few tweets and hints. His insanity, is marginalized because he is so crazy, yet that may in fact, drive the western world toward greater inequity. Let’s just wait and ride it out is problematic because the bar still gets shifted away from democracy. Hitler ( remember that guy) swayed Germans largely because of his economic promise and nationalism strength. Americans and neighbours should not be lulled into patience because Trump seems like a big liar. Be careful. Be vigilante. 

Business Insider

Why are we spending so much time trying to match what Donald J. Trump says to reality? Is it because he is the President of the United States, and could start a war with words? Or because we place some sort of value on the truth, or on the meaning of words? Whatever the source of our folly, it is, from the President’s perspective, just that: a big waste of time. Reality will contort itself to match his imagination—his Presidentialness—all on its own. He doesn’t even need to sign laws, let alone accurately describe what he wants to do. He is in the White House; the world and time bend.(newyorker)

Davidson, Amy. “Donald Trump’s Unintelligible Presidency.” The New Yorker. The New Yorker, 25 Apr. 2017. Web. 26 Apr. 2017. 

Tani, Maxwell. “NBC Fires Donald Trump after He Calls Mexicans Rapists and Drug Runners.” Business Insider. Business Insider, 29 June 2015. Web. 26 Apr. 2017. 

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Public funding of private choice – schools

Recently a Saskatchewan Court ruled against Catholic Schools holding a place for non-Catholic students attending and receiving public allowance. It’s complicated. There is historical traditions for Catholic School Boards but maybe it’s time Canada gave up subsidies for one religious entity. Perhaps Canada should stop any financial support for all independent schools? IMO the private school credits just add to the problem of inequality. Education Credits transfer resources away from the average person to the more affluent. 

IMO faith can be a red herring in the education funding realm. Lower/middle income taxpayers subsidize the privileged option for any private school seems unfair. Faith is an option in Canada. Despite historical precedence in Sask, Ontario, Quebec… faith based education is an option.    I have even a greater issue with BC taxpayers subsidizes any/all private schools even the secular independent enterprises. Exclusivity should not be subsidized. Vouchers or charters , like in the USA, are just spins for subsidizing the wealthy. Encouraging competition is a myth too. For most people, who could never pay for private tuition, there is no choice. Subsidies to private schools drains resources from the financially less fortunate. Choice only creates ghetto schools and reduces opportunity to advance. Compare Finland to USA on just the funding variance and you can see the sad result. 

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