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The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age …These cuts can impact both students and teachers. Libraries may remain open, but they lack trained educators to support students. This despite a technological landscape that makes information literacy more important than ever. .. Al Smith literateowl@gmail @literateowl … Continue reading

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It’s over- CRTC and Netflix.. “And not just Canada’s. Any government that seeks to protect its national culture from the forces of globalization will fail. The digital universe is too powerful. For this country, the beginning of the end came last Friday, when a … Continue reading

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Can more education solve Canada’s income inequality problem? | Broadbent Institute

Disconcerting. The values Canadians hold for education is no longer an assurance of improved standard of living. The implicit merits of an education are obvious but the pragmatic assumption if a career is perhaps just a myth not a reality? … Continue reading

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Too early for supporters of #bced “…In the immediate aftermath of the public school strike both government and teachers will want to claim victory. While credit goes to teacher unity, solidarity across unions, and community support, now is too early for supporters of public education … Continue reading

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Optics over substance- not just teacher dispute

It’s pretty clear BC Libs are about optics not true Governance! It’s not just union busting teachers. Look around the province and you will find discontent and Government deception. They rarely have followed, in any real way, or have abruptly … Continue reading

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Affordable? Argument that BC education is under funded

In my words, affordability zone? I call BS! An economist recently outlines why the BC Government storyline of restraint is not reasonable- even for tax payers. We know we are getting great value from our teachers. It’s time they got … Continue reading

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