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I don’t shop at Walmart- for evil practices of Billionaires Every day, the Waltons collect $8.5 million in Walmart dividends. Walmart workers helped the Waltons build that fortune, but many of them have to support themselves with food stamps and food drives. ( Weber) ———- Just for the record, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Winnipeg, where Canada’s racism problem is at its worst.. Thanks to my courageous and loving colleague for reminding me.  Clearly Winnipeg isn’t the only jurisdiction that deserves retribution.  We all need to look in the mirror! Complex answer obviously but why do we, after many global stories of racial … Continue reading

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King-Hortons Deal – a tax dodge

This is so typical! People pay more and more … Corporate citizenship is dead! Regardless of how much this report is accurate, you can’t spin your way around the point they are not contributing to the tax base required to … Continue reading

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Revolution on HBO, A must watch doc.

Sadly our nations leaders can still not find their common sense to take action against environmental degradation and over onusmption. Malthusian theory focused on overpopulation but our disregard by corporate greed and lack of governance could not have been anticipated. … Continue reading

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Oil sands development polluting Alberta lakes: study – The Globe and Mail

Oil sands development polluting Alberta lakes: study – The Globe and Mail Peace Out 2011 film. However we may feel energy industry is reckless and there is overwhelming evidence that they are, just bashing the supply side of energy isn’t … Continue reading

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Libya- we have seen this movie before!

Libya- another war? Really! Ironic, I just listened to an author speak about the insanity of war in solving problems. Our self-interest is the problem. I’m no expert but…when will our elite figure out the reality that only 5% of … Continue reading

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