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Aboriginal identity and the arts- a cultural lens

With the recent alleged exposure of Joseph Boyden’s identity by the APTN , the whitewater ripple in Canada is growing. I’m no expert. I’m just a reader and retired librarian but the storm is as chilling as our cold winter.  … Continue reading

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My winter reading roster..

I’ve had another enjoyable winter reading adventure. Girls on trains, Old Testament, spider webs, dam busters, dogs, sea, sickroom, nuns, emancipation… As a teacher-librarian for 15 years, I read about 3 fiction and non-fiction titles per week-it was a job … Continue reading

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‘Some stories too true to tell’ – roots of the fifth estate -when Monica Lewinsky buried the real story

The Clinton-Lewinsky story is back with Monica’s TedTalk.  It’s shameful we still have interest in that damn tale because there is so much fertile ground for social-political oversight that begs for investigation.  The fifth estate may have died with the infamous intern’s … Continue reading

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My submission to Canadian Geographic’s bird contest- the loon.

The Common Loon may be as common to Canadians as the snowy winter but it’s paramount uniqueness in the geographic realms of Canada, west or east, make it a perfect candidate for the nation’s bird. Whether the bird’s mystical haunting … Continue reading

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Media literacy 101- Walmsley’s Globe essay

2015 question? Media literacy 101: Can Walmsley’s essay be true? Although circumspect; because I do not know the man and his work, I hope my personal critical response is misguided. I hope most of us believe his address is sincere. … Continue reading

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Reading Transforms Us – NYTimes ….MOST writing seeks to influence you to think or feel how the author wants you to think or feel. The article you are reading now is no exception. We want you to think about certain things in a certain … Continue reading

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Dangerous trend- cdnpoli campaigning..

Using copyright media clips in campaigning feeds run amuck attack ads and will be a disaster for voters! Clips will be so full of misleading truth and published so out of context that it will be legalizing lies! Horrific trend … Continue reading

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