Hockey star. Mental illness or deficiency-likely from CTE

A Minnesota judge ruled Wednesday that a former member of the “Miracle on Ice” 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, Mark Pavelich, is mentally ill and dangerous, according to Pam Louwagie of the Minnesota Star Tribune.

The judge ordered the 61-year-old committed to a secure treatment facility.

Pavelich faced criminal charges that he beat a friend with a metal pole after accusing him of “spiking his beer.” His friend suffered cracked ribs, a bruised kidney, and a fractured vertebra.

Judge Michael Cuzzo deemed Pavelich incompetent to stand trial based on an expert report, concluding that he was “incapable of participating in the defense due to mental illness or deficiency.” The case was put on hold while the state moved to civilly commit him to treatment.

Pavelich’s family is convinced he suffers from CTE after repeated concussions and blows to the head sustained during his hockey career. They started to see changes over the last few years but he has refused help. CTE can only be diagnosed after death.

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