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Barr’s Review of Russia Probe Now a Criminal Investigation – WSJ

Criminalization of your political enemies, while throwing your own law and order agencies under the bus, is what despots do just before they pull the guns out on civilians… the USA lost sons and daughters trying to help stop evil … Continue reading

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How to pay for climate justice? Tax the rich, say the rich | The Star

Wealthy kids make the case for increasing taxes on them and their parents to fight climate change, because time is running out. — Read on

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A data-based dismantling of Jason Kenney’s foreign-funding conspiracy theory | National Observer

Every core tenet of the Alberta premier’s paranoid policy is flatly and demonstrably false. — Read on

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Suncor CEO slams climate change deniers, politicians who cater to them | CBC News

The head of Canada’s largest oil company says climate change is backed by science, and deniers, including politicians, need to do a U-turn and accept it. — Read on

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Watch Frank Figliizzi call out Trump beyond narcissism

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