Why I won’t vote CPC

As we travel forward into 2019, election season. It’s not about liking or not liking Justin Trudeau. It’s about the trends in party politics. The federal NDP seem rudderless and short of courage but misre troubling, the CPC and spokespersons sound like US talk radio- sponsored by extremists Rebel Media & friends. They have disappointed high expectations but IMO the Liberals are the MPs to realistically hold the center of our nations virtues. Canada has shifted too far right for decades.

Concerns of Conservatives in power :

  • Healthcare privatization
  • Education defunding & privatization
  • Interference in science research
  • Unjust immigration policies that fit USA extremes
  • Emboldened white nationalists & more intolerance
  • No action on climate change and reversing energy
  • Loss of public lands and parks
  • Loosening of environmental protections
  • Hate speech becoming legal
  • Scheer/Ford/whomever else, wrecking havoc on constitution
  • Trickle down economics that has never worked except for 1%
  • Increased poverty
  • Having to listen to self-righteous Rempel in charge of ministry

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