Then and now… Hollywood, fashion, money…

I’m not picking on Scarlett Johansson. In fact I think she has exploited her obvious goddess appearance and made herself wealthy. She likely earned her status. I don’t know her. I know she has podium to speak up. Her fame yielded that tool. Use it for sure. She can act after all but not seeing the irony in the before and after is also denying some aspects of reality among this #metoo blitz.

I get the current outrage against any harassment but especially the sexual assaults against women. I’m old enough to be part of the problem but aware enough that I’ve seen first hand, both genders wheel an unfair sword. Evil is all bad and despite puritans yelling told you so, there is a continuum of sins going on. So called good people are getting busted. I hope the cost isn’t the pain of more innocent?

Giving in to pressure to sleep with some film director is not like rape. It’s all bad but when women have not chosen it’s far more of a criminality. The case I refer to here is not comprehensive nor a watershed but rather just a quick browse in popular culture.

Scarlett Johansson posing nude for Vanity Fair is not offensive. Some morality/ thought police might like it to be a prison sentence but she is an artist who made a call. Beauty can be beautiful. Great but… What creeps me out about such cover imagery is the open shirt of the designer/director Tom Ford lurking about with Scarlett and Kiera. That is the innuendo of power that some men are influenced by. It hints that his sexy chest yields power over the two nude actresses. If they want to play some fantasy, please don’t do it in public. Just because our voyeurism is now obsessive doesn’t mean it’s not part of the mess we confront.

The two women, Ford, Leibovitz and Vanity all made money. Hollywood made money too because two new stars just got more cred- by posing naked. The mix of sex, Hollywood, fashion and money makes a toxic cocktail. Could that cover run nest month? No way. Did it promote misogyny to a generation of ill-informed men? Maybe.

My old Prime Minister Trudeau (deceased) Was once raised his voice as Justice Minister,

“There is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” (CBC)

The young MP was referring to criminality but his intent rang true with me. Governments, Church’s, and Media should stay out of our personal lives and perhaps keep their own sexual proclivities to a private bedroom. Hollywood has chose to embrace titalation and now has a dirty house to clean up. Rabid demonizing of men in general or rumoured assailants specifically, won’t put the paradoxical nude genie back in the bottle. This is complex a social crisis as could experience but nothing grand that sin can’t imagine.

*Trudeau may have made the “bedrooms of the nation” phrase famous but it was actually coined by The Globe and Mail’s Martin O’Malley.  Trudeau thanked O’Malley for the quotation.


“Trudeau: ‘the Bedrooms of the Nation’ – CBC Archives.” CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, 21 Dec. 1967. Web. 26 Jan. 2018. Trudeau may have made the “bedrooms of the nation” phrase famous but it was actually coined by The Globe and Mail’s Martin O’Malley. Trudeau thanked O’Malley for the quotation.

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