Why is all of this coming out now? #metoo , marches, debate..

Why is all of this upheaval coming out now? Well it isn’t recent.

Progress is messy.

Inequity marches and cultural adaptation today is only possible because of the institutional change that has taken place over since 20thc. The movements for suffrage, civil rights, reproductive rights, and rights and protections for women in the workplace have given us a world that is unrecognizable from our ancestors. Women can vote, own property, enter college or career. women can choose decide whether to have sex and with whomever. People can even sue and collect damages for workplace sexual harassment. Torment and oppression like trafficking still exist but only one hundred years ago many things we consider rights were not options.

we are part of a living history and perhaps within another social revolution? Maybe I won’t see a better justice for women and other marginalized groups but something is happening so far without bloodshed. That has to be somewhat encouraging.

This cycle of cultural change is part of the trend to seek equal rights. We may be politically cynical but laws we pass effect our society in multiple ways. Like the culture of schools for everyone and where we once accepted caning and now would be horrified, women’s rights is a sector of change. Progress is a stumbling slow and frustrating; however our impatience is expressed, men and women need to strive optimistically for our children. Our great grandmothers marched as suffragettes and our daughters march today. Men are being shamed but growth will not be advanced without seeking change that embraces love for all. We all sin. We all are flawed and stumble through hardships. I know many fathers who are broken by harm experienced by their sisters, daughters, and partners. Fighting injustice not gender is required. Righteousness has no gender or colour. Life lessons are learned with vision and hardship. Perfect civility will never be an earthly reality but the will to try is better than the alternative.


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