Women March-climbing obstacles a legacy

https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/women-s-marches-underway-in-canadian-cities-a-year-after-trump-inauguration-1.3768173?hootPostID=7fb386910436f8d1a9b53f754bc9eff5Women worldwide are demo 1yr of solidarity since DT. Ppl r convinced Trump is misogynist & harmful. Clearly he isn’t only enemy but also centuries of injustice. We all know from education, sports or business, women can achieve many things as any man. Body size does not limit the power of will or the focus of the mind. Women have shucked their skirts for pants and climbed mountains for centuries. Old myths of the weaker sex is indeed old, foolish notions. It’s time women should be able to attempt their dreams without the risk of harassment or violence. It’s 2018 for goodness sake. Sexuality needs to be about love not weaponized! Sex should be always consensual and not about power. Masculinity , like femininity is not about anatomy. Men need to stand strong in the defense of all women. Freedom and safety is a human right. Everyone’s lives would be so enriched if we embrace this overdue goal. -Al Smith(N.Smith)


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