Be happy Canada just not too proud!

Perhaps consider this for our Canada Day weekend? Patriotism or nationalism are not virtuous in of themselves. Our nation needs to fix many things. Most notably the sins of the father.


100 yrs before Canada birthday, the British spoils from 7Year war, were ‘given’ land that wasn’t France or Spain’s to give. A peace treaty with an alliance of First Nations prevented face to face violence with Britain. Forts and settlements were under siege. The great British army was weak. Pontiac and others who were quite happy to fight for their rights, but laid down arms. They were not the defeated but the peacekeepers. 
The treaty, recognized FN independence, etc , was obviously ignored by the growing British colony even before Confederation. Colonial zeal had greed not valour in its heart. Aboriginal people ultimately have an historic and valid cause of injustice long before Canada150🇨🇦 -Al Smith

Listen to CBC interview: Sunday Edition


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