Kicking off summer 2017

I planned to kickoff summer with another fishing trip. I got the camping part down and most of the fishing logistics( ya right) but I can’t control the weather.

I was camping near KenruckyAllyne Park and put the boat in nearby but the darn wind was near gale force. I tried several times in day/half but was confounded by winds so gusting my anchors wouldn’t hold nor my fisherman patience endure. I marked many fish in a dropoff at 40′, opting for an HD line and chironomids. I released one and it was full of the little pupae. A friend landed a 5lb silver rainbow but after a lost hat and double anchors being moved I figured the whitecaps were a sign to retreat. 

After several new attempts with the same result, I built a fire and retreated to the folding lawn chair and a book. ( Doc by Russel- an adaptation of Holliday/Earp western. I highly recommend Doc by Mary Doria Russell

We were comforted by a terrific venison/moose supper cooked by friend’s and enjoyed a night around the campfire. After a night falling asleep to the wind and worrying about trees deadfall) I had to return home early in the morning. The wind was already picking up so I wasn’t too distraught. Cheers to the start of summer. 

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