Last days of spring fishing 

Just had a couple of days flyfishing at Kump Lake near Aspen Grove, BC. It is always nice to get out in the outdoors even if fishing is mixed. We had moments of active chironomid hatches broken by the mystery of rainbow trout feeding habits. 

It is smaller stocked lake with a large deep centre and a few shoals of dark water. There was very little signs of hatches but mystically fish would show themselves for size 16 brown, green and grey patterns- but, with little predictability. A dozen  2-3 lb and a couple 6lb were released but fishers had to watch for a very aggressive loon that  even attacked the nets. 

The water was extremely high with trees fallen but Kump is a nice rustic FSR site. It is a self serve wilderness site much like many in BC. No fire bans at this time….

We met an eccentric couple from the US who had much fisher knowledge to match their amusing behaviour. No offence  to my US friends. 😉

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