Fishing Peter Hope in the sun…

Had a couple nights at Peter Hope Lake near Merrit BC. We had the first taste of Okanagan/Nicola summer- sunshine wa, heat, campers, and mosquitoes!! We did catch and release many nice rainbows mostly via indicator lines and one ‘special’ chironomid pattern ( or at least my fishing partner did 😉
I caught supper but honestly– lost 2 >5-7 lb rainbows from fisher error mostly but bad luck thrown in the challenge. Had one large bright trout at the boat before it wisely dove into my anchor and sustained a sore mouth and my fly! 🙂 ( don’t panic, they rust out quick and they live to fight another day) 

We scouted and fished the lake but two spots on the shoal in shallow found nice fish foraging in cycles. Wind was only testy on a few occasions. Calm water was intermittent attracting a few paddlers. 

This BC FS campground has no services but hosted and clean. It was nice to see large accessibility pit toilet and ramp available. No fire ban currently with damp ground and still water accounting for the mosquitoes. 

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