Flyfishing trip -almost a wash out

A storm moving through Nicola region added more trouble to Merritt creek flooding and forced us to seek dryer ground but it didn’t wash out a couple days of trout fishing. 

Peter Hope and Blue lake were covered in fog and heavy rain. We waited out the snowfall at Blue but it wouldn’t stop so we’re drove south to Thalia Lake along the Aspen Grove highway. The weather was clear and even sunny, although windy at times. The FSR road was full full of huge puddles and a large mud flat but we got through with only a car wash tab. 

Chironomid hatch at Thalia was minuscule but a few nice fish were caught trolling micro patterns at 30-50 deep. A first time discovery found a few fish were eating some kind of tiny zooplankton not chironomid? 

Thalia Lake, BC

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