Trump has changed the norm- whether good or bad.. his ascendency is worrisome

Donald Trump’s Unintelligible Presidency

In an interview with the Associated Press this weekend, President Trump returned, again and again, to what might be called the mood music of his world, and his ability to call the tune.(newyorker)

Trump is a perfect icon for fascists moving the bar in America. His baffoon psycho behaviour helps the ruse of power shift. A strong Canada is now scrambling because of a few tweets and hints. His insanity, is marginalized because he is so crazy, yet that may in fact, drive the western world toward greater inequity. Let’s just wait and ride it out is problematic because the bar still gets shifted away from democracy. Hitler ( remember that guy) swayed Germans largely because of his economic promise and nationalism strength. Americans and neighbours should not be lulled into patience because Trump seems like a big liar. Be careful. Be vigilante. 

Business Insider

Why are we spending so much time trying to match what Donald J. Trump says to reality? Is it because he is the President of the United States, and could start a war with words? Or because we place some sort of value on the truth, or on the meaning of words? Whatever the source of our folly, it is, from the President’s perspective, just that: a big waste of time. Reality will contort itself to match his imagination—his Presidentialness—all on its own. He doesn’t even need to sign laws, let alone accurately describe what he wants to do. He is in the White House; the world and time bend.(newyorker)

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