Public funding of private choice – schools

Recently a Saskatchewan Court ruled against Catholic Schools holding a place for non-Catholic students attending and receiving public allowance. It’s complicated. There is historical traditions for Catholic School Boards but maybe it’s time Canada gave up subsidies for one religious entity. Perhaps Canada should stop any financial support for all independent schools? IMO the private school credits just add to the problem of inequality. Education Credits transfer resources away from the average person to the more affluent. 

IMO faith can be a red herring in the education funding realm. Lower/middle income taxpayers subsidize the privileged option for any private school seems unfair. Faith is an option in Canada. Despite historical precedence in Sask, Ontario, Quebec… faith based education is an option.    I have even a greater issue with BC taxpayers subsidizes any/all private schools even the secular independent enterprises. Exclusivity should not be subsidized. Vouchers or charters , like in the USA, are just spins for subsidizing the wealthy. Encouraging competition is a myth too. For most people, who could never pay for private tuition, there is no choice. Subsidies to private schools drains resources from the financially less fortunate. Choice only creates ghetto schools and reduces opportunity to advance. Compare Finland to USA on just the funding variance and you can see the sad result. 

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