Easter always seems to be full of violence

Just a simple contemplation since Syria air strikes yesterday. Easter always seems to be full of violence. 

I’ve seen Ambassdors speaking with outrage at UN Counsel lectures. I’ve watched pie graphs and maps documenting ‘victories’ in Kuwait. I’ve watched documentaries hailing justice served in Bosnia. Etc etc. I’ve observed and studied the horrors of war and national conflicts world wide my entire life. Since Golgotha, people have been jeering, cheering for someone’s death in the name of justice. 

People and pundits will cheer or condemn Trump’s recent bombing. I’m upset that while million Syrians fled for their lives , we now think some action is required? Huh? Trump refuses and berates refugees but now is moved by images of horror? Was t a dead child on the beach convincing enough?

Obama ( likely illegally) released drones killing over 1000- some civilians. Oh and most USA, Europe and Canada thought it was ok. Assad makes Saddam look like a preschooler so I’m not that outraged just that our democratic leaders have sat around doing nothing in Syria. People remember Vietnam or Iraq. 

Veteran Affairs Canada
On the other scale, supposedly to keep sovereignty, 5.5million allies died in the ‘Great War’ . Most agree Vietnam (Vietnam’) and Iraq (2) were fiascos. WWII liberated nations from tyrant but all of it is a cost. Trump bombs are likely illegal (‘Targetted’) but our Canadian PM & most people seem ok with it.  I think a leader needs to occasionally mine his conscience and get hands dirty but I also believe, leadership requires a vision and strategy. I don’t think the current bombing of Syria is well planned or conceived. A week ago the USA didn’t want to act against the criminal tyrant Assad. Hypocrisy and political militarism are often bedfellows. 

Humans don’t need nations, Presidents or terrorists to kill- it’s a tragedy of our free will. My prayers, like billions of others, will likely go unheard. 

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