Report cards- it is time to move forward

Report Cards
Yeah BC! It’s Sunday evening and my dear wife’s report cards are complete. I’m not even commenting on the objective or method of assessment- only the logistics. It’s time to re-invent reporting.

 After hours composing comments, entering data online and proofreading( never mind all the marking) is it wise BC then expects it all to be documented on paper with backup hardcopies? I posit its politicians and bureaucrats holding on to old notions of making teachers accountable via paper. 
Millions of teacher man-hours spent all across BC this week, sharing data with childrens’ parents. Including interviews, IEP conferences, etc . I think our teachers work hard enough. Our teachers expend so much energy above the classroom prep and instructional time. Even Admin have to read every page for every child. The so-called state of the art MyEdBc isn’t. Seems like a huge inefficient cost to me. Why need a provincial digital network if every child needs sheets of printed paper to report his/her learning? 
Just because it’s always been that way, is it now a reasonable activity? Just printing the millions of sheets of paper 3-4 times a year, we need to log the forest. I believe it’s time the Ministry of Education broke the mild and modernized achievement reporting. Not just for my overworked wife but just for common sense. Heck, don’t we all eFile our taxes?! Besides, teachers have face to face conversations with parents that share far more about learning than a series of checkboxes. 

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