Canada- politics today

Politics will never be a final solution- life is far deeper. In a 21stC secular reality we need to proceed the best we can. 


Regardless that I am a federalist liberal, given the Trump chaotic era, Trudeau is giving it a good go so far. I believe providing good governance today is a near impossible task so, as an optimist, I give Justin a thanks and good wishes in the defence of civility. What school teacher or other professional, could do better? 😉 I’m a sentimental fool but I think his father would be proud of the effort. His dad was an MP for 14 years( I think) His father was never under the degree of scrutiny Justin must confront daily. In 2017, regardless of potential successes, he will never endure a decade of service? No man or woman can deliver what people expect. 

All people need to embrace their own responsibility far more… 

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