Labour movement/ class/ it’s about ethical practice 

Can labour movement survive? 

a significant scale. Nothing in American politics compares with the civil-rights crusade, the movement against the Vietnam War, or the labor wars of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Could that change? Might the future possibly hold a resurgence of the indignation about class disparities—and about the labor and economic circumstances they reflect—that was once focused on the workplace?

Globalization and technology have gutted the labor movement, and part-time work is sabotaging solidarity. Is there a new way to challenge the politics of inequality?

With employment data that overwhelmingly speaks of the loss of ‘good jobs’ I’m so angered that we still see new low paying temp jobs as progress. My generation has abandoned our children by choosing short term profit over longevity and righteousness. We have set the stage where our kids cannot own a home or property. We raised them with entitlement but failed by preaching an ethis that crippled their practical financial world. When my educated son who has few options and huge debt at age 30 when I was already working, buying a home, paying taxes, and saving money, I am distraught. I feel ripped off not entitled. I lived in an era where as a firstborn in my family who received a degree. To find my family aspirations have been high jacked by a scam I get so frustrated. It’s not the millenials who have been sacrificed but the pos-war generation that worked so hard. Now as a frustrated retiree who feels the middle class has been scammed how do I tell my children there is hope? 

The recent Trump era where reactionary policy has beaten the moral class hope is so devastating because we know fascism isn’t a sustainable option. 


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