WikiLeaks vs. Watergate

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I read/heard two interesting reflections on the election this morning.

First, I heard someone (name unknown, surely a Democratic spokesperson) ask the question on the radio: Why is breaking into the email of John Podesta different from the Watergate burglary where Republican operatives broke into the Democratic National Committee offices to steal its documents and plans?

Then I read this article in the Washington Post written by a professor of international relations who read the transcripts of Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs and found them unremarkable.

Since the future of our nation is at risk, I can’t stop thinking about what is at stake if a sociopathic billionaire wins the Presidency, and what is at stake as he crisscrosses the country telling his followers that our electoral system is “rigged.” He offers a choice: Elect me and I will jail my opponent, or if I lose, the entire electoral system…

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