The humility of flyfishing

I recently spent a few days trout fishing in the Nicola plateau area of Brirush Columba. It’s in my back yard but I only have made the extra effort of exploring the area properly since retiring. I’ve been a flyfisher my entire life yet now, after thinking I was an ‘expert’ but now realize I’m only experienced. Nothing like not catching trout when the aquatic marvels are boiling all around you!

One spectacular ‘fishy’ day on the pretty Bluey Lake near Apen Grove, nymphs were hatching, birds were feeding and  fish were rising everywhere. I could not get the correct fishing combination;moreover, when I did, I broke 2 large rainbows off at the boat! Urrgh! 🙂

Nevertheless, what a divine few days. Birds of every kind busy foraging, the forest busy with chipmunks dropping cones on my tent and deer walking through my camp apparently aware I had no rifle. A real treat was a gaggle of Canada geese numbering in the hundreds flying overhead with a very boisterous chorus I wasn’t sure what it was initially. It was like a gigantic black kite soaring above the tree tops. 

The real joy was falling asleep to sound of trout rising so I suppose, it’s nature blissful justice that I call it a day on a BC lake with only potatoes and stew for dinner. 🙂

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