Philosopher fisher 

Just when a fly fisher thinks he knows it all, our Creator humbles one. I guess that is why it just a sport. Like life in fact, fishing is an endeavour that just when you think you have it all figured out, nature or fate makes you look like a novice. 

I’ve been tackling the sport of fly fishing since I first tried my Grampa’s old rod. It has been a wonderful joy in my life. Not just for those momentous exhilarating occasions when you can hook up some impressive trout or salmon but for the inspiring raw quiet nature that surrounds one.

After many days of successful fishing, I thought I had it solved. Wrong! I was recently skunked just when I thought I had the formula. There is no formula. It’s only just nature. The lesson is that we all need to heed the higher power. Our Creator designed this sophisticated ecology. We are a just one divine piece.

After surviving many of life’s challenges, I thought I had solved the enigma if our existence- wrong. When we think have it solved, it’s just a psychological illusion. Like fishing, you can read the water and implement your knowledge base but humble yourself. You only catch the big one when it chides you. Our faith in fish or the grander realm is just that- faith not a reality. Wet your lines and get out there- bounty or none it’s all divine. 

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