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 UBC Digital Literacy Summer Institute

Aaron Mueller


23 FebDetails

2016 Digital Literacy Summer Institute

Critical Digital Literacy: Issues, Challenges, Directions



As technology continues to transform educational systems and teaching strategies, the acquisition of digital literacies has become essential for learners to achieve academic success in the 21st century. While early research on these new literacies has largely been celebratory or prescriptive, this course is a critical examination of how the internet, social media and digital communication have transformed forms of knowledge, identities, social networks and formations. It goes beyond issues of privacy, online bullying and the digital divide, and instead, takes a deeper dive at how the digital can reshape our understanding of the world, privileging ideas, languages, and cultures, while marginalizing others.
Confronting these issues, this course invites educators to reflect on their own digital mindsets and practices, and their assumptions of the digital literacies of adolescent learners. It outlines what critical digital literacy involves and provides strategies for learners to develop critical thinking skills as they engage with the digital. Topics include:
technology and the transformation of the social order (globalization, new modes of productivity, allegiances);

the production and circulation of knowledge (crowdsourcing, search engines, algorithms);

the construction of social networks (online cultures, the curated self, modes of exclusion); and

issues of educational technology (‘digital natives’, attention structures, digital equity).

This course is designed for teacher candidates, new and experienced secondary school teachers, teacher librarians, school administrators, and researchers interested in the integration of technology in educational systems. The goal is for participants to develop a critical awareness of the macro- and micro- issues that education must address as learners participate in an increasingly digital world.
UBC Vancouver | Face-to-Face
Scarfe Building, room 1328

2125 Main Mall | map
July 25-26
9:00 am – 3:30 pm
(coffee and tea will be served during the breaks)

Instructor – Ron Darvin A research associate of the Digital Literacy Centre, Ron Darvin has been a high school and university teacher of English, literature, and media studies for more than ten years. He is a Vanier scholar at the Department of Language and Literacy Education, and his research examines to what extent social class differences of adolescent learners shape unequal digital literacies. Ron was recently awarded the 2016 TESOL Award for Distinguished Research
Registration & Fees
Non-Credit Participation Fee: $125

Register Here – Registration opens February 22

Seats are limited in this program, early registration strongly recommended.


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