Time to stop abuse against women- trial by fire- CBC


I’m so sad that macho ‘band of brothers’ military, police, firefighters… and men-continue  assaulting and harassing female colleagues. We all make errors of judgement but such relentless severity hurts us all. I periodically get a sense of anger and shame to be a white male. We all , men and women, gladly pitch in for anti-bullying campaigns but refuse to confront the evil of rape and harassment. We aspire to be a civil society but so seldom act. IT’S WHY I POST. 

I’m not picking on firefighters but responding to the CBC expose. All media reports are flawed but at least the issue is raised.
Just because women are only 4% of firefighters isn’t an excuse to perpetuate forms of violence of colleagues. I know it exists everywhere but in 2016 it’s overdue time that brawny men find more honour. ‘Boys club’ disconnect needs to end! I’m emboldened by those few men who get outraged and even take on their bosses to stop such injustice. Tackling abuses is as courageous as facing a fire or other dangers. Men who fight against the abuse of women are THE REAL HEROES. 

All people need to be more heroic , and find ways to prevent abuse by their teammates. 

It’s great to hear of Ottawa Fire Chief trying to improve the culture! 

Safety needs to expand into the workplace too. The certain few need to be culled now if not arrested!! This Fifth Estate episode is NSFW so that tells you how serious it is. 

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