So fun- high school legacy 

It’s so much fun to witness positive high school heritage when you an old guy like me. Following @kssowls and Western Canada Basketball Facebook has underlined the school spirit that many think is far gone. 

People like Kim Whelpton of remind me of why I invested 27 years as an amateur coach. It’s more than school pride, although that is a powerful force, it’s about a passion for supporting young people’s goals. Watching student athletes excel is more than the medals but the witnessing if youth growing in their pursuits. Watching kids grow into men and women before your eyes is such a joy. Coaching or advocating for this enterprise is not a headline or tweet but a philosophy that embraces community. 

I’m so inspired by our young student athletes and supporters even if I’ve never met them. Social media allows us all to engage and cross boundaries. 

Thanks to people like Kim and all our devoted coaches and organizers who largely are volunteers! 





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