Beware… ‘American Demagogue’ as your neighbour I’m worried

Ok I’m a poli junkie but we all need to stay aware too. As a Canadian, I don’t have any special wisdom on American politics but I can smell a ruse when I sniff one. I care for my neighbours. I never thought I’d be more worried for them than when GW fumbled the ball. 

I aspire that we engage in the best governance we can muster because the alternative makes it easy for despots to rule our lives. As I call out bad business practices and cheer for progressives, I also realize humans are a flawed group. I pray for my children that He has a handle on universal governance. 🙂

“…And now here we are. Trump is no longer hustling golf courses, fake “universities,” or reality TV. He means to command the United States armed forces and control its nuclear codes. He intends to propose legislation, conduct America’s global affairs, preside over its national-intelligence apparatus, and make the innumerable moral and political decisions required of a President. This is not a Seth Rogen movie; this is as real as mud. Having all but swept the early Republican primaries and caucuses, Trump—who re-tweets conspiracy theories and invites the affections of white-supremacist groups, and has established himself as the adept inheritor of a long tradition of nativism, discrimination, and authoritarianism—is getting ever closer to becoming the nominee of what Republicans like to call “the party of Abraham Lincoln.” No American demagogue––not Huey Long, not Joseph McCarthy, not George Wallace––has ever achieved such proximity to national power.”

( Tom Bachtell)


“American Demagogue.” David Remick. The New Yorker. Web. 07 Mar. 2016. 

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