Donald and Christians

How any Christian could find a will to endorse or even tolerate Trump platform and style, it also is unlikely that majority of evangelicals actually support Donald. Most believers don’t support extremists like Jerry Falwell( who backs Trump btw) Evangelicals always struggle with the politics of a secular society now more than ever. The bigger question is how and where do they participate? Hyper nationalism is the breeding ground for evil. Republicans now face the end zone with a ‘Hail Mary’ throw, hoping a reasonable guy actually catches it.

Lorna Dueck column: at Liberty University, (Trump) …. “We’ve got the evangelicals!” All political candidates are invited to campaign at Liberty and the school says it endorses none, although Liberty’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., gave an effusively supportive introduction of Mr. Trump, reminding us how out of step he may be with other evangelical leadership.”

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