My winter reading roster..

I’ve had another enjoyable winter reading adventure. Girls on trains, Old Testament, spider webs, dam busters, dogs, sea, sickroom, nuns, emancipation… As a teacher-librarian for 15 years, I read about 3 fiction and non-fiction titles per week-it was a job duty. I thought after retirement, I’d drop my frequency. Wrong. 🙂 I’m perhaps reading more and titles I previously didn’t feel were justified. When an obligation as an librarian/educator, one selects with obligatory prudence. Now, I read whatever I feel inspired to try. I still read non-fiction/fiction selections but I am free to opt into anything! Example, I’ve been reading my bible more than ever. It’s a stellar collection of drama not just divine illumination. I’ve read bios, fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, movie versions… My mind used to be buzzing with content because the needs of a high school community is enormous. Now my mind is enriched by the joy of reading road trips. Advice? Read as much as you want and select whatever you are inspired to try. There is no downside. Feed your brain. Read. 🙂


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