Super Tuesday mayhem… 

Just a few thought. USA Primaries Tuesday. 
Striking how screwed up politics is. In the past, Trump has financially supported Democratic projects and candidates like amnesty. He even has deals with the mob. He won’t disclose his financials either. He is pretty much a 1% fascist. He has no beliefs. He certainly not a valid Christian. How evangelicals can support Trump is mind blowing lack of judgement. I suspect God again is looking down with a sigh and rolling eyes- “here they go again”

Although it’s likely most politicians are driven by self-interest and lobbies, Trump will be more damaging to already broken democracy. All his talk of bombing and walls sure won’t help national security but inflame hatred. 

Trumps shaky financial history sure doesn’t encourage the economics for 99% of people. , His supporters will unwittingly just solidify the grip of the super rich. 


Although Sanders is likely to lose nomination, his platform appears to have authenticity. His ideas today sound odd but only because policies for 40 have been regressive. As a spectator, I’m not a fan of Hilary, because US needs new governance. That said, do Americans now will be forced to balance affirming a status quo they dislike with the risk of electing a tyrant. 

In light of the current US fog, Canada looks pretty sensible. 

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