Social media, Elections and weird news.

FB is full of ‘weird news’ for ‘entertainment. Cute cats, pigs, quirks, quarks… FB can also powerfully erode our political apathy. Elections can be repetitive and confusing but it’s all we have to protect our rights. Campaigns are lens to remind us of what influences our lives. A recent teachers strike provoked people to reassess and reflect on schools and what we provide our children. Elections are like flashpoints. Read. Critique. Process our ideas. 

After engaging in forms of political dialogue and voting, we can soon return to Pinterest, jokes, celebrity obsession, and goofy memes for another four years.   

Here is just one disturbing item of the Harper Feds. Harmful policies and legislation has been inundating Canadians for a decade. People are under seige . Harper is another new world order soldier. People are fuel to be exploited.


” In 2010, the Harper government refused to sign the UN declaration which designated clean water as a human right. Also, in Canada’s 2011 budget, the Harper Administration failed to allocate sufficient funds for drinking water on First Nations reserves, leaving over 100 Aboriginal  communities at risk. Also, new measures under The Navigable Waters Protection Act introduced in 2011 no longer protect the majority of Canadian Lakes and Rivers.”

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