Climbing the teaching mountain – a reflection

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So I finally reached my summit. After 35 years of teaching, I’m hanging up my teacher gear- bag, tools and first aid kit. I write perhaps with with far too much sentimentality but with sincerity. Most of you know I hold little back. 🙂

I use the my beloved mountain climbing hobby as a metaphor. it seems an appropriate device but I am a reader not a writer. Like climbing rock, a gradual and arduous task, despite the glory of reaching various summits, has crux and crag. As a teacher, we experience some heavy lifting. Being a professional is never easy but the current generation of colleagues embrace a task more complicated than my own. I write to my predecessors but mostly my junior colleagues. Teaching need not be just one trek but a series of climbs and opportunities. You have to work at something. Try to love what you…

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