School dress codes- a boundary of some kind is reasonable

Just saying… the recent media frenzy over Ontario school dress code bothers me. We have such a double standard about public school policies. Would ppl be upset if a private school set a standard? No. Why shouldn’t a public school or district set a mark too? Parents that argue students should be able to send children to school in any attire are naive. I wouldn’t want my teen son exposed to  flesh regardless of how beautiful the teen may be. Would parents be ok with boys barechested? Girls need to respect a public boundary too. We all are expected to comply to some reasonable limit at work- why not our schools too? The double standard about girls freedom is tiresome. We rant about sexism and make harassment ( even our House of Parliament) it only seems reasonable that females should dress sensible too. Exposed bras, cleavage, etc is not a workplace standard. Students are at school to work. School dress code should be much like we adults are required to comply at our work. Borderless dress at public schools isn’t sensible.

Wouldn’t most moms Dads ppl want our kids to be dressed reasonable? Would u want your son, distracted by flesh, divinely wonderful or not? Like jobs, we all have a ‘uniform’ Where should the line be drawn? Forget trendiness, schools try to reasonably set a code ppl expect. One case of overreaction doesn’t make a standard unreasonable. Can those lucky Ss in private schools where anything? Male or female, I think teens at school should as fairly as any real estate office, drugstore or law office. Schooling is a job too. Teens should not be dressed like they would for a theatre performance, nightclub or beach. Come on people. Give the dignity of enforcement to public schools as we all assume private schools have. If not demand public schools have school uniforms too? We cannot have freedom without some responsibility too.


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