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Climbing the teaching mountain – a reflection

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#getloud for mental health

mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and others are silently killing people every day. (CMHA) I pledge to: Talk Show Share   

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A flawed assumption that the Internet simply replaces strong teaching practices of school librarians

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School dress codes- a boundary of some kind is reasonable

Just saying… the recent media frenzy over Ontario school dress code bothers me. We have such a double standard about public school policies. Would ppl be upset if a private school set a standard? No. Why shouldn’t a public school … Continue reading

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Okanagan flyfishing.. exquisite…

A great day this past weekend.. fishing Okanagan freshwater lakes. Despite the pressure, a few lakes so close to an urban centre still provide great sport fishing. Caddis have not emerged yet but careful nymph fishery is still good fun. … Continue reading

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B.C. premier cozies up to private schools – Sun

“Competition is what’s really going to change our public schools. It’s the only thing that’s going to force them to become better schools because they’re going to lose students if they don’t.” ― Republican politician Jill Dickman By Bill … Continue reading

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