Fishing folly- neither recreation nor rest 

Weekends are a necessary attribute of modern life. Work hard then recreate and/or in preparation for another work week commitment. Alas, I ventured out, this Victoria long weekend, to relish a day of fly fishing. I headed to my favourite trout waters only to the error of my ways. My lovely lake is not MINE. I usually share my solitary respite with only the Common Loons and Osprey. Today, I could not even carry my humble float tube and rods. I was greeted by multiple vehicles, trailers and RV of every genus, a dozens of people. Not smiling or waving but huddled in lawn chairs with raincoats and plenty of Cdn Club! 


My second error was to venture further afield to my second favourite fishing hole. More quads and people and empties of Molson. Here too I couldn’t even walk the .5k trail to the water without bush whacking through the forest. 
My third wayward notion was to try and try again. Outrun the hoards. I could return home in the dark. I drove my 4×4 through deep holes and mud, thinking RVs in numbers couldn’t camp at the next destination upper lake. Wrong! I met yet again lawn chairs, wet dogs and wheeled vehicles. More whisky in plastic cups 😦 
Weekend warriors were all crammed and hunkered down with their CC & Cola. 
I assumed, as trucks and vans passed me going DOWN the mountain road, my fishing trip on this rainy cloudy Sunday, would actually be successful. Fishing in the rain is good. My final failed logic. I passed the trifecta. 

I pointed my truck home. Now while suffering through the ubiquitous CBC Stewart McLean, I’m shaming myself for my foolish assumptions and choices! I’m getting home fast and pouring a whisky in crystal. 
All this folly does highlight some realities and observations. Our world today cries for more peace and recreation at a time when the divine assets that assist this are strained. We need more parks and outdoor services built and maintained, not less. Working harder or working smarter? Regardless, the massive reduction in support for our wilderness and parks planning in BC is shamefully obvious. Most of us cannot afford private resorts and amenities nor desire them but disregarding sound policies and governance of natural public assets is wreckless and shortsighted. Happy healthy people are better employees and citizens. A few volunteer outdoors groups are valid but these efforts are not enough. 

 On the responsibility point, people need to respect nature more. I know they receive zero guidance, education or supervision these days but people need to also pick up some dutifulness. Drink less. Clean up your junk. Don’t damage our trees and wilderness and campaign for more awareness. 

New laws: 
  • don’t assume beautiful BC is as wondrous as it was in 1974. 
  • Don’t think you can outsmart long weekends.
  • Stay home and paint.
  • Wait until one retires, and go fishing Tuesday’s.
  • Write MP, MLA, Mayors advocate for improvements to recreation assets

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