Are our devices ruining our souls?

. It’s obvious that hyperbole is used to market new books. Matthew Crawford’s new book is no different. Although I’m sure his thesis is mostly marketing, I also think his premise that the digital wave has negative consequences so silent amongst the noise and evangelism for hi-tech. Our new devices have power to inform and dialogue but they also are a beautiful way for corporations to excel consumption. Clearly Apple wants to cell more phones. The shift by people over years causes us to engage less face to face and make us sedentary. I’m no blind technology zealot. I’ve proceeded with skepticism.   I will consider Crawford’s  argument with interest. 

The average attention span of humans has decreased to eight seconds, which is one second shorter than that of a goldfish. The average attention span of humans in 2000 was 12 seconds.
A study by Microsoft shows that digital lifestyles are decreasing Canadian attention spans. Two-thirds of people use social media for news and half of Canadians automatically reach for their phone when nothing is occupying their attention, the study says.
If you made it this far, congratulate yourself. Goldfish have nothing on you!(Canoe)


Matthew Crawford, author – Interview with Michael Enright, CBC Sunday.

Where we’re so captivated and infantilized by technology, mass media, advertising and our devices that we’ve been pulled away from the work of becoming ourselves. He finds repair for the soul and the self in the world of tactile things. . .moving parts and physical forces. . .sound((CBC)

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