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Stuart Egan: How Teaching Is Like Farming

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Stuart Egan, a teacher of English at West Forsyth High School, wrote an article in the Winston-Salem, N.C., Journal explaining to readers why the reformster narrative about “failing schools” and “bad teachers” is…

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Fishing folly- neither recreation nor rest 

Weekends are a necessary attribute of modern life. Work hard then recreate and/or in preparation for another work week commitment. Alas, I ventured out, this Victoria long weekend, to relish a day of fly fishing. I headed to my favourite … Continue reading

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Are our devices ruining our souls?

. It’s obvious that hyperbole is used to market new books. Matthew Crawford’s new book is no different. Although I’m sure his thesis is mostly marketing, I also think his premise that the digital wave has negative consequences so silent … Continue reading

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Maple Ridge urgent School Board letter- Bill 11

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BC Court of Appeal ruling burdens us all…

Now after the recent BC Court of Appeal’s ruling, the weight, for BC Government intransigence, will be the burden of families and our kids but working people in general. Fair Collective Agreements, morale of a job well done and other … Continue reading

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