Clark’s Liberals corporate donors 50:1 NDP

Well this tells it. Interest group donations for 2014. 

  • Trade unions donated a whopping $6800 to the BC Liberals. (Can’t imagine who or why?)
  • Corporate donations 5.1 million! (We know who and why)
  • Trade unions donated $385,000
  • Corporate donors $133,000 

Financial records released Wednesday show the Liberal Party raised just over $10 million in 2014.
About half of that total, $5.1 million, came from corporate donors, with individual contributions and trade union contributions totalling about $4 million and $6,800, respectively.
Some of the big corporate donors included: BFI Canada Inc. ($91,000), Teck Resources Limited ($144,600), Concord Development Inc.($64,000) and Ledcor Industries Inc. ($42,000).
While down from the $14 million the Liberals raised the previous fiscal year, their latest fundraising haul is still far greater than the $3.1 million raised in 2014 by the provincial New Democrats.
According to the records released Wednesday, $2.6 million of the NDP’s total was from individuals and about $385,000 from trade unions. Corporate donations levelled out at about $133,000.(Olivier)



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