Capitalist fights Putin for justice

This Invester has a very convincing story about the evils inside Russia. A capitalist turned human rights fighter is a fascinating read.  


The former banker claims Vladimir Putin runs Russia like a crime syndicate. He should know: corrupt officials seized his assets and stole $230m. His lawyer was beaten to death in jail. And now sinister text messages warn he might be next.(Harding )

“Greatest capitalist in the world” turned human rights campaigner, Bill Browder is fighting for justice for a Russian friend whose murder he blames on the Kremlin 

With his sober navy suit, frameless glasses and cropped salt-and-pepper hair, Bill Browder looks more like a high-street bank manager than the once self-proclaimed greatest capitalist in the world. His soft voice does not obviously denote a man dedicated to human-rights activism.( Lambert) 


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